Why ultraFLEX

Diverse selection of mattresses

ultraFLEX Mattress offers a wide selection of mattresses types, including but not limited to, Orthopedic mattresses, Tempurpedic mattresses, Pillow-Top mattresses, Euro-Top mattresses, Pocket Coil mattresses, Memory Foam mattresses and Hotel Collection mattresses; and are a one stop shop for all your mattress needs.

Unbeatable Prices

With our dedicated management team, we have been able to create a unique supply chain management and keep the overhead cost as low as possible and pass the huge savings to our valued customers.

This is our secret that enables us to offer the best value, compared to our competitors.

Incomparable Quality

ultraFLEX Mattress is backed with a team of experienced management and craftsmen, along with state of the art equipment and techniques, which makes it possible for us to create distinctive ultraFLEX products that epitomize fine craftsmanship with quality construction components. Our high standards are reflected in every ultraFLEX Mattress product that we manufacture. Each finished product is inspected by our team of discriminating builders and quality assurance controllers to ensure that our stringent construction standards are met, so that we can offer the best products.

Countouring Posture Support

ultraFLEX Mattress is designed to provide tailored support which promotes optimal positioning for sleeping. It also promotes correct sleep alignment for maximum comfort.


Dust Mite Resistant

ultraFLEX Mattress is designed to repel all types of dust mites.

Designed for Support & Comfort

ultraFLEX Mattress is specially designed to provide you with comfort and support you need for a rejuvenating sleep experience.


Multiple Pressure Zones

ultraFLEX Mattress is properly adjusted and spaced  for pressure areas to eliminate aches and pain associated with regluar mattresses.


Orthopedic Support

ultraFLEX Mattress is created to combat the problems with bad backs or joints by providing a mattress with adequate hold which offers targeted and tailored support. It is also designed to support the joints, spine and the entire body, rather than just some parts.


Dynamic Air Circulation

ultraFLEX Mattress features dynamic air circulation which reduces heat and moisture build up inside the mattress, thus providing better air circulation.


Cotton Enriched Fabric

ultraFLEX Mattress features luxuriously quilted organic enriched cotton fabric.



Every ultraFLEX Mattress is created with eco-responsible materials and construction.


Double-Sided Stitching

ultraFLEX Mattress features double sided stitch which provide the maximum edge support. This is a labour intensive process that attaches the side panels to the top and bottom panels within the mattress which gives the mattress enhanced support.


Eliminates Pressure Points

ultraFLEX Mattress is designed to alleviates pressure point due to its optimal pressure distribution across the entire mattress.


Reinforced Side-Stitched Borders

Reinforced double sided stitched borders and edges designed for multiple pressure zones ensure proper comfort anywhere on the ultraFLEX Mattress repeatedly without it sagging.


Optimised Temperature Control

ultraFLEX Mattress features Optimised Temperature Control which provides enough air flow to reduce heat and moisture build up.


Promotes Good Blood Circulation

ultraFLEX Mattresses help to reduce pressure to improve blood circulation throughout the body and also help to improve correct body alignment during sleep.


Advanced Micro-Quilted Cushion

Advanced Micro-Quilted Quilting design is used on ultraFLEX Mattress to creates a soft sleep surface for increased comfort. Tack and Jump Quilting cushioning where the other fabric is machine stitched to the inner filling which provides a smooth luxury surface.



ultraFLEX Mattress is dust mite resistance and blocks allergens.


Organic Fabric

ultraFLEX Mattress features luxury cushioning with organic and non toxic materials.