We recently purchased a new home, and we bought an Ultraflex mattress for the master bedroom. We were so pleased with the quality and the confirm, that we ended up replacing all the mattresses in our new home.

The quality is better than any other mattress that we have slept on, and we've been sleeping better than ever!

Lisa R., Toronto

Ultraflex mattresses are the best value for your money. We paid a fraction of what we would pay for a similar mattress somewhere else, and the quality is much better.

The comfort level is so much better than the other big box store mattresses. We've receommended Ultraflex mattress to friends and family too, and they are pleased with the quality and the price too.

Joseph R., Barrie

These are the best mattresses out there. Bought one for my daughter and one for our master bedroom, and we couldn't be happier about the mattresses.

Drove down to Toronto from Kingston, and it was totally worth the drive. The prices are very reasonable for the quality that you get, and when we sleep on them, we do feel that we are sleeping on a luxury mattress and not the cheap ones that the regular stores sell. We plan on purchasing Ultraflex mattresses for our cottage too. Highly recommend them!

Tammy S., Kingston